Our Company

How We Got Started
North East Materials Group was founded in 2009 to accomplish a unique mission: recycle scrap granite blocks.

We operate on land owned by Rock of Ages, which quarries granite to use for buildings, mausoleums, and more. Up to 85% of the granite blocks that are mined can’t be used. This is where NE Materials comes in. We sell the blocks and crush them for use in construction and landscaping. More information can be found in our video below.

We are serving real needs in our local community and across the East Coast with recycled rock products. The end result is a quality product at an economical price.

The Finest Granite in the World
Our crushed rock products are made from some of the finest granite in the world: Barre Gray Granite and Bethel White Granite. Both granite types are extremely durable and wear resistant, and they have superior vibration absorption, moisture resistance, and thermal stability. In fact, these same materials are used to make acid tanks, and Barre Gray is one of the five most proven stone materials for precision granite products.

Our materials are not only tough but also beautiful. Barre Gray Granite is a neutral, beautiful complement to its surroundings. Bethel White Granite is known for its uniform and pure white color.

State and Custom Spec Materials
Our granite pieces weigh up to 40 tons and can be hand-chosen to fit your needs. We can provide special and state-spec materials on request.

Community Involvement
Community is extremely important to us. Even when we can’t give financially, we give what we can in products. We have donated material to many local organizations, including Millstone Trails Association, Williamstown Veterans Memorial Park, Vermont Granite Museum, Barre Fish and Game Club, North Mountain Beagle Club, and more.