Breakwater Rock

Why Choose Us?

  • Consistent Quality
    All products are tested in our certified lab according to state procedures and the Stone-Material Control (SMC) Plan for U.S. Army Corps material testing.
  • Durable Materials
    We can provide flawless granite pieces up to 40 tons. The same granite is used to create acid tanks and is extremely durable.
  • Customizable Orders
    We can customize stone sizes to meet your project needs.
  • Multiple Transportation Options
    Delivery can be made by truck, barge, or rail.

Armor Stone and Underlayer Stone for Breakwaters and Seawalls

Our granite is unique for its strength and size. Few other locations on the East Coast can provide flawless granite pieces up to 40 tons each.

Underlayer Stone
Our Underlayer Stone is smaller than our Armor Stone. It provides a stable base for the placement of Armor Stone.

Armor Stone
Armor Stone (also known as armour stone, armour rock, or riprap) is a larger size. We can provide flawless blocks of granite up to 40 tons each.
Custom Mixes
Different sizes of rock can be combined into one order to meet project needs.

Rail and Barge Delivery
We work with Vermont Rail to ship our products all over the country. We have railed oversized granite from New York to Florida and in between. We can also have products shipped by barge.

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