Stabilization Stone

Why Choose Us?

  • Consistent Quality
    All products are tested in our certified lab according to state procedures and the Stone-Material Control (SMC) Plan for U.S. Army Corps material testing.
  • Wear-Resistant Materials
    Our products are made from some of the finest granite in the world. Not only is it durable but it also withstands erosion.
  • Multiple Transportation Options
    Delivery can be made by truck, barge, or rail.

Stabilization Stone for Erosion Control and Construction Projects

Our crushed granite is used locally and up and down the East Coast to stabilize hillsides and backfill construction projects.

Ditch Rock
Our Ditch Rock is a mix of 6″-12″ rocks commonly used to line drainage ditches and streambanks.
Stone Fill
Type I-IV Stone Fill products meet VTRANS specs. They are commonly used to stabilize hillsides, line ditches, stabilize trenches, provide drainage behind rock walls, and provide drainage around pipes.

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