Poultry Grit

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  • Consistent Quality
    All products are tested in our certified lab according to state procedures and the Stone-Material Control (SMC) Plan for U.S. Army Corps material testing.
  • Highest Quality
    The granite we use is sourced from the same granite that is used to create acid tanks, mausoleums, and monuments that must stand the test of time.
  • Multiple Transportation Options
    Delivery can be made by truck, barge, or rail.

Vermont Poultry Grit for Chickens, Turkeys, and Other Poultry

Made on the East Coast, Vermont Poultry Grit aids digestion in poultry by helping grind up food. Our granite is sourced from the world-renowned Rock of Ages Quarry in Graniteville, Vermont. We repurpose unused blocks of granite and create useful products. Your poultry will be feeding on the finest granite the world has to offer.

Vermont Poultry Grit can be used as a standalone product or combined with feed.

Our granite poultry grit products come in 5 different sizes: Starter, Grower, Developer-Layer, Turkey, and Turkey Finisher. Click on each product below to read more information. Click on the photo tile at the top of the page or visit our Vermont Poultry Grit product page to view photos with size references.

Starter Size
Starter Poultry Grit is our smallest variety. It’s best suited to broiler chicks between 0 and 3 weeks old and layer chicks between 0 and 2 weeks old.

Grower Size
Grower Poultry Grit is best suited to broilers between 4 and 7 weeks old, layers between 2 and 6 weeks old, and turkeys between 0 and 3 weeks old.

Developer-Layer Size
Developer-Layer Poultry Grit is best suited to broilers after 7 weeks of age, layers after 6 weeks of age, and turkeys after 3 weeks of age.

Turkey Size
Turkey Poultry Grit is best suited to turkeys between 6 and 14 weeks of age.

Turkey Finisher Size
Turkey Finisher Poultry Grit is the largest variety of granite grit we offer. It’s best suited to turkeys after 14 weeks of age.

Off-Label Uses in Gardening
As an off-label use, some gardeners have added Starter granite grit to topsoil to create homemade seed starter potting mixes and Grower granite grit to topsoil to create homemade potting mixes for perennials, succulents, and other plants. In general, granite is longer lasting than vermiculite while providing similar benefits, like moisture retention.
When used as a decorative accent, the gray color provides a handsome, modern look that looks more natural than white quartzite. The color may vary and will likely include variations, like black, red, and orange.

Ordering and Delivery
To place an order, submit a hassle-free quote request or call general manager Eric Morton at 802-477-3140. Our products are bagged in 50-lb bags and shipped by pallet in bulk. We can arrange delivery by rail, barge, or truck.

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