Why Choose Us?

  • Higher Crushing Strength
    Compared to river sand and decomposed granite, our sand products have a higher crushing strength.
  • Consistent Quality
    All products are tested in our certified lab according to state procedures.
  • White Granite Sand Available
    Create stunning pathways with white granite sand. We can make all of our sand products with white granite by special request.

Our Manufactured Sand can be used for cement and mortar mixes as well as for pavers and pathways.

Our sand products are made from crushed granite, giving them a higher crushing strength than river sand. They also compact and stay in place well.

Manufactured Sand
Our Manufactured Sand can be kiln dried. It creates more reliable and consistent cement and mortar mixes compared to river sand.
Manufactured Sand is also a superior alternative to decomposed granite or paver sand. It lacks the impurities found in river sand and is stronger than decomposed granite, so it will last longer. It can also be used to create pathways.

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