Buffalo NY Breakwater Repairs

Date: 2019-2020


The Buffalo north and south breakwaters protect the shoreline and harbor of Buffalo, New York, from ice and wave action from Lake Erie. Both breakwaters were originally built over a century ago.

Over 2,200 feet long, the north breakwater protects downtown Buffalo, including the area around Erie Basin Marina. Repairs to the north breakwater are scheduled to take three years.

The south breakwater "protects the southerly portion of the outer harbor including Buffalo Harbor State Park, the Small Boat Harbor, and a private marina," according to a press release. At 10,200 feet long, it regularly experiences some of the most extreme wave and ice conditions on the Great Lakes. Repairs will be directed at replacing 625 feet of armor stone. The south breakwater repairs are slated to be completed in 2020.

Although local rock was used for portions of each project, only North East Materials Group had the size and strength of armor stone needed to directly take the force of powerful waves. North East Materials supplies flawless blocks of granite up to 40 tons in size.


11,900 tons of Armor Stone (7-19 Tons)
2,000 tons of Underlayer Stone (0.5-1.9 Tons)


The breakwater repairs not only protect the city of Buffalo but also help elevate it as part of a decade-long effort to restore Buffalo's waterfront. Journalist Sean Kirst explained that the breakwaters "allowed Buffalo to become a shipping capital, and now allow for the recreational potential embodied in Canalside and other waterfront projects."

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